About Darkrealm Technology

We are an IT company, based in Cape Town, that has been specialising in managed IT services since 2015. Focusing on small to medium sized businesses looking for best of breed technology at affordable rates. Providing the best possible service to our clients in all aspects of technology innovation and improvement.

Our core belief in having the right people with the right combination of skills and attitude make all the difference. As a result, you will find dealing with anybody at the Darkrealm Technology team both capable and willing to solve any problem. We encourage out of the box thinking and solutions with in our team.

A key differentiator for us is our view on IT support. We have thrown out the old break and fix methodology that so many IT companies still use today. We are solely focused on managed IT services, streamlining IT infrastructure and ensuring business continuity for our clients, in any industry and any size, our delivery is the same be it a 2-person startup business or a 50 person business.

Our Vision

To build a market leading and innovation-driven solutions company.

Our Mission

To provide innovative and pioneering one-stop technology communication solutions, backed by a passionate team committed to providing outstanding customer service.

Darkrealm Technology Services

  • Managed Endpoint Solution
  • Managed Messaging Solution
  • Managed Hosting Solution
  • Managed Infrastructure Solution
  • Managed Cloud Solution
  • Managed Security Solution
  • Managed Service Level Agreement
  • Managed Security Solution
  • Web Development Solution
  • Additional AD-HOC solutions
  • Software Licensing Offerings

Email: support@darkrealmtech.co.za



Cape Town Office

3 Ishack Road
Grassy Park
Cape Town, 7941
Western Cape
South Africa
087 094 9068